Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tracking Andy

Katie, Mary and Michael Kline, on the hunt (©Aura Stauffer)

Aura Stauffer, who has been spearheading the telemetry project since we shifted it to King's Gap in 2004, was out today tracking with KG banding volunteers Mary, Katie and Michael Kline. They had a mixed bag on our two current owls, Andromeda (aka Andy) and TLC.

"We did not pick up a signal on Andy from King's Gap, but we got a faint one from Cold Springs Road," Aura reports. "We headed up to Buck Ridge and out on the trail, and were able to pick her up pretty easily in the very dense mountain laurel fire break. Katie and Michael took turns tracking. Katie volunteered to go in the dense shrubbery, which is also mixed with green brier, and quickly narrowed down where her roost was. Katie and Michael did an amazing job tracking her down."

On the other hand, Aura wasn't able to find any sign of TLC's signal, despite a lot of searching. "Maybe she beat it. With a name like Tastes Like Chicken, can you blame her?" Aura asked.

No, I can't.

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